International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women


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Become a Freemason

The Commitment

It is not easy to enter Freemasonry because its ideal and its methods are not suitable for everyone. The Masonic commitment is serious and should not be taken lightly. It assumes:

  • That the candidates are willing to make a personal effort to work on themselves and to help others around them;
  • That the candidates believe in the opportunity for self-improvement and for improving society;
  • That the candidates seek tolerance and share the ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity;
  • That the candidates are comfortable in a group;
  • That the candidates are sensitive to symbolism and to the initiatory approach.

The initiation symbolically marks the birth to a new life in accordance with Masonic ideals and methods of work. If candidates choose Co-Freemasonry, they must be deeply convinced that men and women can work together as equals to build a world of greater justice and solidarity.

Building your Ideal

Any person choosing to enter Freemasonry must be prepared to make efforts towards self-improvement and being useful to their community and to society.

The art of building requires the knowledge of its materials and tools as much as that of the land on which you want to build a solid edifice. Before you build something, you need to know your real motivations, the skills you have and the environment you want to act on. Freemasonry is humanistic, its purpose is happiness, the love of humanity and the universal recognition of the dignity of every human being, in the acceptance of their differences: Moral, Social, Ethnic, Cultural or Spiritual.


Any interested person may apply in writing, letter or e-mail, explaining their reasons for wishing to join “Le Droit Humain”. After this request is received, the President of the Lodge will meet the candidates to answer any questions and to provide any relevant information about Freemasonry.

After this meeting, if the candidates are still interested, they will be provided with a form to be filled in and then returned with the required identification documents. A multi-step admission procedure will follow.

This procedure may seem long, but it allows both parties to ensure:

  • That Freemasonry is suitable for the candidates;
  • That the candidates are sincere and persistent;
  • That the candidates will be able to commit successfully;
  • That the candidates will integrate into the requested Lodge;
  • That the candidates will participate in the work;
  • That the candidates will respect the Masonic ideal.

Eligibility Criteria

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women “Le Droit Humain” accepts any persons who are “free” and “of good report”. By “free” and “of good report”, we mean:

  • Who have freedom of conscience;
  • Who are not blinded by political, religious or sectarian dogmas;
  • Who have no personal limitations and can make their own decisions;
  • Who are of age and autonomous;
  • Who are honest and reliable.

Freemasonry is a serious commitment. Membership dues of about $30 per month are required to cover the cost of rent and miscellaneous activities. Most Canadian Lodges meet two evenings per month, except during the months of July and August. Attendance in Lodge is mandatory, except in exceptional cases.

How to Apply

For further information, we invite you to browse through the list of loges and to send your request to the Lodge of your choice.


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