International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women


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Freemasonry in Practice

The Temple

Temple maçonnique Droit Humain Canada

The Temple is an enclosed space, isolated from the vagaries of everyday life. A place that excludes prejudices and preconceived ideas, thus allowing us to expand our view of the world. Such a place is meant to be out of time and space. All Freemasons work towards the construction of this edifice, never to be completed.

It is decorated with the main symbols that will be discussed and interpreted by Freemasons throughout their Masonic journey.

The Meetings

The meetings are held twice a month, on average, mainly in the evenings.

They last about three hours and are precisely executed, even orchestrated, since the Labours are held according to the rituals. These rituals are an integral part of the Masonic journey.

They also determine the moments when exchanges will take place. It should be noted that new initiates may not take the floor, because they need time to assimilate the symbolism proposed to them.

The Festive Board of Agape

So that all can share and better know each other, meetings are followed by a Festive Board.

The Festive Board is a privileged moment of sharing and relaxation held in total fraternity, well deserved after the Labours in Lodge.

Informal Meetings

You do not become a Freemason in one day. To allow for exchanges and questions, instruction workshops are offered at different degrees.


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