International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women


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To ensure the moral and intellectual development of its members and the improvement of society, Freemasonry has special methods:

  • The initiatory method or a structure of fraternal societies;
  • The influence of its members in their respective communities;
  • In some rare occasions, collective actions.

Masonic symbolism, mainly focused on the builders of cathedrals, is very old. It uses an allegorical language that spurs our subjectivity. The ceremony of initiation strikes the neophytes emotionally, through situations and the dramatic representation of symbols that put them on the path towards personal reflection. Indeed, “to initiate” literally means “to put on the path.”

Delta Lumineux

During meetings, Freemasons address very different questions depending on the interests of members. They take turns preparing presentations on problems that interest them or that were previously chosen by the group. These presentations can be about the interpretations of Masonic symbols or the rituals, as well as social issues. We try to turn these discussions into “think tanks” potentially leading to new perspectives. In order to create a harmonious framework for discussions, the rituals ensure a different climate compared to other social meetings, conducive to:

  • Concentration
  • Listening
  • Discipline


These rituals are considered like methods allowing the members of the Lodge to be placed in a situation favourable to the opening of their minds. The meetings are held in a “Temple” in memory of those built by operative Freemasons, and also because any sacred, i.e. meaningful enclosure, is a temple.


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