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What a Freemason does?

The Masonic Journey:

How to Be a Freemason Every Day

The counterpart of life in Lodge is life outside the Temple, which Freemasons call the profane world or the city. Let us remember that they pursue a process of personal growth, based on an initiatory approach, using a coherent set of symbols. This approach would be sterile if it did not find its reflection in the city. Freemasons are free in their choices and in the nature of their involvements. The Lodge and the Order, on the other hand, practically never intervene directly or in an identified way.

To Spend Oneself

Now is the time, for Freemasons, to spend themselves, that is to say to give back what they have acquired during the Labours in Lodge. This effort can take several forms: supporting charitable works, financially or through volunteering, defending human rights, fighting discrimination. Freemasons can also show patience with the foolishness of others, manage their own anger and tone down their remarks. They can recognize the quality and autonomy of those around them, treat them with respect and human warmth. This implies refusing the imposition of values, systems or beliefs, preferring altruism and respect rather than selfishness, and tolerance instead of fundamentalism. Freemasons refuse and denounce violence.

Action in the City is the Reflection of the Various Strands of Work in the Lodge

Just as there are strands of work in the Lodge, there are responsible behaviours in the city. Freemasons learn to consider themselves as members of the human family and abandon any idea of discrimination or exclusion. They strive to look beyond the obvious and to listen beyond the words to search for meaning. They are well established in the city and accept different societies and different cultures. They embody moral values and they recognize everyone’s right to their own beliefs. They act responsibly and rigorously. The cumulative impact of the work of Freemasons, in Lodge and in the city, promotes understanding and action. Their personal growth contributes to the project of a fair and human society, the scope of which may vary but whose quality remains.


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