International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women Le Droit Humain


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Responsibilities and Values

Responsabilities: An Opportunity to Grow

In a Lodge, administrative work is mandatory. Members who have reached the level of Master Mason can access administrative positions in order to ensure that the Lodge is managed properly. The Lodge must appoint a President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Other positions more oriented towards the observance of the rituals are also on the list. It is the responsibility of the administrative council to establish the annual calendar and to follow the progress of each member.

The Common Values of Freemasonry

Les valeurs communes de la Franc-maçonnerie

The main principles that are now found in the Human Rights Charters of democratic countries, were revolutionary values in the past, essentially supported by progressive minds, among whom were several Freemasons.

At all times, Freemasonry has fought against religious or political fanaticism that imposes by force so-called absolute truths. To tolerate does not mean to be indifferent, but to understand and accept that others may have concepts contrary to our own, and to admit that in a healthy society, all points of view can be expressed as long as they do not call for hatred or destructive violence. Respect for difference implies the recognition of the right to equality between human beings and the freedom of each person to choose their own way, their own interpretation of the phenomena that surround us.

Values Specific to “Le Droit Humain”

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women “Le Droit Humain” differs from other Masonic orders for three specific reasons:

  • Gender equality
  • International character
  • Initiatory continuity

Through gender equality, it proclaims the equality of man and woman, an indispensable condition for the evolution of any progressive society and a guarantee of balance and harmonious development for future generations. Given its international character, i.e. without distinction of nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture, “Le Droit Humain” Freemasons are united in the same ideal and aim to seek convergence points in thought and individual action under the sign of universality. The initiatory continuity ensures the various stages or degrees of the initiatory journey that reveal the level of Masonic knowledge attained by the member.