International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women


in canada

Initiatory Approach

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women “Le Droit Humain” is an institution which is:

  • Initiatory
  • Philosophical
  • Secular
  • Philanthropic

Its mission is to work towards the progress of humanity.

The Order works to bring together men and women who agree on a humanistic spirituality, while respecting their cultural differences. They work together in a spiritual and initiatory approach. The fundamental purpose of the Order is to gather what is scattered and to promote human perfection. “Le Droit Humain” professes no dogma. Its members seek the truth, they do not possess it.

La démarche initiatique propose de :

Just as there are strands of work in the Lodge, there are responsible behaviours in the city. Freemasons learn to consider themselves as members of the human family and abandon any idea of discrimination or exclusion. They strive to look beyond the obvious and to listen beyond the words to search for meaning. They are well established in the city and accept different societies and different cultures. They embody moral values and they recognize everyone’s right to their own beliefs. They act responsibly and rigorously. The cumulative impact of the work of Freemasons, in Lodge and in the city, promotes understanding and action. Their personal growth contributes to the project of a fair and human society, the scope of which may vary but whose quality remains.

The challenge is to build a symbolic space whose members are both the builders and the materials. Each stone must maintain its specificity and must be able to be inserted in the edifice.

The ideal of Freemasonry is the perfection of human beings by developing:

  • Their moral conscience
  • Their spirituality
  • And by working to the progress of humanity

Freemasons oppose any dogma and respect the differences of political and religious opinions of the other members. They do not pretend to possess the truth, only to seek it. Freemasonry is therefore neither a cult nor a religion. It has nothing to reveal or to teach since it guarantees freedom of thought for everyone. Its members are invited to a personal and collective research on various subjects.

33 Degrees

The International Order of Freemasonry for Men and Women “Le Droit Humain” consists of 33 degrees according to the Scottish Ancient Accepted Rite (SAAR).

The main degrees are the first ones: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. trois premiers : apprenti, compagnon et maître.

The higher degrees allow us to increase our knowledge of Masonic symbolism and at the same time to access the administrative degrees of the Order. All the values conveyed in the different degrees prepare Freemasons to hold positions of trust and responsibility.


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